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The essence of the aromas: How mandarin peels become a ghost in a bottle

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For the book «Leaf to Root» I have worked intensively together with the
sensorics scientist Christine Brugger. As a distiller, she now brings «Second Cuts» into a bottle: the peels of mandarines. The «Essence» of her «Organic Distillery» is a great ingredient for cooking, but also for mixing a drink.


No fresh herbs? No citrus fruit at home? Sometimes, one wishes to know a ghost in a bootle who delivers whatever necessary for cooking. Christine Brugger now fulfilles these dreams. With her «Essenzen», that she distills in Friedrichshafen/Germany. She keeps her Aroma-Ghosts in little bottles. In nose and palate the smell and taste like freshly picked herbs and fruits.

Christine Brugger and her Mandarinen-Essenz, that she distills out of peels. (Fotografie links: Sylvan Müller for the book «Leaf to Root»)

A dozen different «Essenzen» can be ordered. Amongst them «Mandarine». The idea for this alcoholic spirit came up spontanously, when Christine had received some batches of biological mandarines. By eating them, she realised, how wonderful the peel smell and macerated them in alcohol, that she distilled after. She proposes to use the Mandarinen Essenz for a salad. Or: «Add a couple of drops in a glazing for cookies or a cake, instead of lemon juice», she advises.


I personally also see a big potential in the bar sector, as a lot of ingredients, that come into the glasses are still industrial sirups and bitters. Christines distillates are all made of of organic ingredients.


I am looking forward to experiment with the Essenzen by «Organic Distillery». You can check them out and order them here: www.organic-distillery.com












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