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Fried peel of sunchokes by Karim Schumann

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I met Karim Schumann a couple of years ago at Waldhotel Davos. A great young chef, who told me, that he likes to cook vegetables and that he for example uses the peel of the sunchoke in a dish. That made me curious.


Karim Schumann, born in 1987, has earned a lot of experience in restaurants such as De Librije in Zwolle or Phyllis Court Club in London, where he was trained as a cook by a former chef from «El-Bulli». Since a couple of years, he is chef in Waldhotel Davos, in the swiss mountains. During Wolrd Economic Forum he also cooks for politicians such as Angela Merkel.


Karim Schumann, chef Waldhotel Davos.


For Karim it is normal to use every part of vegetables, if possible. So he also cooks with the peel of the jerusalem artichoke. He gave me following tipp: Bake the sunchocke in the oven, then cut in halve and scoope out the flesh. Fry the skin, and fill it or eat it as a snack. Not only can you save some work, but also you gain a new vegetable part.

Recipe for fried sunchoke peels by Karim Schumann



Wash the sunchokes. Put salt on a baking tray, set the sunchokes on top and bake at 146 degrees for about 40 minutes (depending on how big they are).


As soon as they are tender, cut in halve and scrape out the marrow. Do leave a little bit of the marrow on the peel). Dry the peel for about 2 hours at 80 degrees in the oven. Then fry it shortly at 170 degrees in oil. Season with salt.


After cooling down, the peels are crispy and can be filled or eaten as a snack. Karim fills them for example with a sunchoke salad (raw, with a dressing made of raisinoil, verjus, salt, sugar – topped with bacon, sunflowerseeds, horseraddish cream).


By the way: Karim Schumann is going to cook in Zurich from February 2nd until March 3rd. Together with 4 other chefs at Bauschänzli. More Infos: www.the5.ch





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