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How to eat radish leaves – an instruction by Fergus Henderson

He inspired me to call my initiative for special vegetable parts «Leaf to Root». Fergus Henderson, british star chef and father of the «Nose to Tail» movement. Her was one of the first chefs sharing a recipe with me, the one for a salad with radish leaves.


In fall 2014 I interviewed Fergus Henderson for the Newspaper Tages Anzeiger in Zurich. He is the father of the movement Nose to Tail, which is about eating the whole animal. As in the same time I started a project about edible parts of vegetables, which are normally thrown away, the researches around Fergus inspired me to call my initiative «Leaf to Root».


Fergus Henderson at our meeting in Zurich. (Photography: Esther Kern)


Fergus doesn’t only provide meat recipes in his book, but also seasonal vegetable recipes. I therefore discovered in his book a recipe for a salad, made with the leaves of radishes. Fergus Henderson eat the root with butter and salt and then prepares a great salad with a vinaigrette.


I was so honoured that he demonstrated me live, how radishes should be eaten properly, from Leaf to Root – see the little movie:


(Thanks, Echtzeit-Verlag, to make this possible.)








Radishes with healthy greens, washed an dried



Vinaigrette (see below)



Give Radishes on a plate and eat the radishes with butter and salt. Put the leaves in a salad bowl. Mix them with vinaigrette and enjoy the peppery salad.




For about 3 dl



2 garlic cloves
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 pinch of sea salt

1 pinch of black pepper
1 lemon, juice

2 tsp white wine vinegar
2 dl olive oil



Press the garlic. Add mustard, salt, pepper, lemonjuive, vinegar an mix well. Add the oil step by step and whisk until you have an emulsion. Season to taste.




EZ_77_NosetoTail_U1_300dpiRecipes from the book Nose to Tail.




How to eat radishes at their peak




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