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Willst Du mehr über spezielle Gemüseteile wissen? Ich verschicke in unregelmässigen Abständen Newsletter mit meinen neusten Erkenntnissen, Tipps, Hinweisen, Rezepten. Die hier gesammelten Mailadressen werden ausschliesslich für den Versand des Newsletters verwendet. 


Do you want to know more about special parts of vegetables and fruits. I unregularly publish newsletter about my latest experiences, with tipps, recipes, know-how.  


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Chips from kohlrabi leaves – better than the bulb

Want to know a recipe for Beginners? Try this: Chips made out of the leaves of Kohlrabi. I bring them to all my workshops and everybody love them.

Huitlacoche oder Maisbeulenbrand – mexikanische Delikatesse am Schweizer Mais

Maisbeulenbrand nennen die Bauern in der Schweiz den Pilz. Die Bauern in Mexiko freuen sich über jeden befallenen Maiskolben, denn bei ihnen gilt der Pilz,

Geschmorte Karotten mit dem Pesto von Karottenkraut auf Randen-Couscous

Es ist Karottenkraut-Saison! Jetzt ist es noch frisch und jung, ideal, um es zu einem Pesto zu verarbeiten. Darum stelle ich Euch hier eines der ersten Rezepte vor,

How to eat radish leaves – an instruction by Fergus Henderson

He inspired me to call my initiative for special vegetable parts «Leaf to Root». Fergus Henderson, british star chef and father of the «Nose to Tail» movement.

Cake with banana peel

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In my current workshops around «Leaf to Root», the cake with banana peel ist actually a highlight. As everybody is asking for the recipe,

Yves Ollech, Nürnberg: Grapefruit peel with Coffee and Vanilla

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With starchef Yves Ollech I exchange ideas and information around special parts of vegetables and fruits since my researches for the book «Leaf to Root».

Fried peel of sunchokes by Karim Schumann

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I met Karim Schumann a couple of years ago at Waldhotel Davos. A great young chef, who told me, that he likes to cook vegetables and that he for example uses the peel of the sunchoke in a dish.

Potato doughnut with the Jam of potato peels by Nils Osborn

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Winter is the time for potatos. You can also use the peels, as Chef Nils Osborn from Zurich shows in his Recipe for a potato peel jam,

The essence of the aromas: How mandarin peels become a ghost in a bottle

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For the book «Leaf to Root» I have worked intensively together with the
sensorics scientist Christine Brugger. As a distiller,

Candied fennelstem and sirup made out of fennelstem

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This postis about how to make candied fennelstem and sirup out of fennelstem. It hasn’t been translated in English yet.