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Since I have startet Leaf to Root as a project on my swiss cooking website www.waskochen.ch, a lot of media have covered the topic. 


January 2019

WDR 5 – Radioshow «Alles in Butter» with Helmut Gote


A great radioshow about Leaf to Root – german foodjournalist visited me in Zürich for an interview about my initiative «Leaf to Root» and eating plants from root to flower.



August 2018

taz am Wochenende and taz.de

The german newspaper taz published an interview with me about «Leaf to Root». With a recipe by Xu Long. Author Jörn Kabisch has become infected with the veggie-virus:-) You can download the PDF or got directly to the Website of taz>


August 2018


A whole page from the biggest daily newspaper in Switzerland. Journalist Daniel Böniger about my new project to collect know how about vegetable parts in the whole world, for example in Beijing, where I had the chance to cook with famous chef Xu Long. Check out the article here (in German)>>>


June 2018

Blog Highfoodality.de

A wonderful report about my workshop for professional chefs, which I organized together with 2-Star-Michelin-Chef Andree Köthe. As a part of Genussakademie Bayern, an institution, which is supported by bavarian ministry. Read here>>>


May 2018

Swiss Cuisine & Hospitality

Article about the Parabere-Forum in Malmö, where 400 female gastro professionals from all over the world came together. I had the chance to present «Leaf to Root» on stage. Read full article>>>



May 2018


Article about the Masterclass «Leaf to Root» I hold together with Andree Köthe, Michellin starred chef from restaurant «Essigbrätlein» in Nürnberg. Read full article>>>


April 2018


Article about the Master Cookingclass I hold together with Michelin-Star-Chef Andree Köthe at Genussakademie Bayern.  Read full artcile>>>


März 2018

Lunchgate Insider

The culinary blog writes about my guestappearance at the Event «Rübis&Stübis» in the fantastic Restaurant Gerolds Garten in Zürich. Read full article>>>

März 2018

Website Gault&Millau, Pascal Grob about my Hotspots in Zurich.

März 2018


Coverage about the conference «Parabere» in Malmö, where I held a speech for the 400 guests from all over the world. Read full article>>>

Februar 2018

Nomination Cook Book Shortlist an der Cookbook Fair 2018

http://www.cookbookfair.com/index.php/gourmand-awards (Categorie B19 / Private Websites)

January 2018

NZZ Bellevue

Jocelyne Iten about my curating role at the fair Criterion  in Zürich.


January 2018

Swiss Cuisine & Hospitality

Fantastic Article by journalist Sabrina Glanzmann about Restaurant Schöngrün in Berne, where headchef Simon Sommer and his Crew cook a garden from Leaf to Root. I had the pleasure to organize a couple of vegetable workshops with the crew. read here>>>


November 2017

Interview Radio Cosmo (Radio Bremen/WDR)

Live-Interview über Leaf to Root, wie alles begann, Lieblingsrezepte und das Buch.


Oktober 2017

Interview Markthalle Neun, Berlin

Für unseren Verlag, den AT Verlag, präsentierte ich das Kochbuch «Leaf to Root» in Berlin, im Kulinarik-Hotspot «Markthalle Neun». Clemens Niedenthal hat mich zu «Leaf to Root» und zum Buch interviewt. Hier lesen > > >


Oktober 2017

Kolumne bei Fooby.ch

Esther Kern über das Potenzial von Kartoffelschalen, wie man sie verwerten kann und warum sie auch den Kartoffelkeim verkostet hat. Hier nachlesen > > >


Juli 2017

Guest in ZDF TV-Show «Volle Kanne»

I showed live on German TV, what Leaf to Root is. In a short show with TV-Host Ingo Nommsen. Watch here > > >


Juli 2017

Kolumne bei Fooby.ch

Esther Kern erzählt, warum man Tomatenkerne nie wegwerfen soll und was Spitzenköche damit zaubern. Hier nachlesen > > >


June 2017
Bild der Frau Magazine
Germanys biggest women magazine published a big article about the book «Leaf to Root».  Full article


May 2017
Gourmand World Cookbook Award

Awarded 3rd Place BEST VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK WORLDWIDE 2017 in China – so honored!


30. April 2017
Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung

Almost one page about the book Leaf to Root in the FAZ. With wonderful photos of Sylvan Müller and three great recipes by Pascal Haag. Full article


February 2017
Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk MDR
Annette Militz interviewed Esther Kern about Leaf to Root and about the book, listen here: www.mdr.de


January 2017
Spiegel Online Booktipp
Peter Wagner from Spiegel Online wrote a big piece about our book «Leaf to Root». He says: «Even Starchefs will learn valuable suggestions.» Full article, see: www.spiegel.de


March 2015, Marmite

A whole big coverage of Leaf to Root. Marmite, the Swiss Gourmet Magazine, visited me and talked to me about the idea of Leaf to Root.

Read full article



19. Februar 2015, htr Hotelrevue

Journalist Franziska Egli about Leaf to Root. Read full article.


February 2015, Hotellerie Gastronomie Zeitung
Journalist Sarah Sidler about Leaf to Root:
Bericht in der Hotellerie Gastronomie Zeitung


Marmite Blog, 5. Dezember 2014

Leaf to Root in the Blog of Marmite, the Swiss Gourmetmagazine.


Tages-Anzeiger, 3. 12. 2014

Reknown Swiss Journalist Thomas Wyss portrayed me in one of the biggest swiss newspapers. With my relaunch of the webplatform waskochen.ch and my launch of the project Leaf to Root. This article was the starting point for a lot of further coverage – thank you, Thomas! Here you can find the full article : Leaf to Root.