In 2014, launched an action that puts spurned vegetable parts such as carrot tops, radish leaves, melon skin or pea pods into the limelight. Inspired by English chef Fergus Henderson, the father of «Nose to Tail», Esther Kern called the campaign «Leaf to Root». (detailled infos you can find here).


With a lot of media coverage and a publisher beeing fond of a book with the topic Leaf to Root, I partnered up with two great professionals to realize the book. With Sylvan Müller, reknowned photographer, I have found a partner who not only made the greatest pictures I could imagine, but he also is a curious eater, who tried out many special vegetable parts he didn’t know before. Chef Pascal Haag, known as one of the best vegetarian recipe creators in Switzerland, has come up with 70 recipes, which use special parts of vegetables. I have done the research about which parts of vegetables can be eaten and how could they be treated. I researched in many directions: historically, interviews with chefs around the world, working closely with farmers and experimenting in my own garden and in my own kitchen.


Leaf to Root is more than a cookbook. It illuminates the theme of vegetables from leaf to root, with reports, interviews and a story about the sensoric aspect of vegetable second cuts. It also consists of a compendium, which is unique. I have researched 50 vegetables and which parts of them are edible and how they are prepared. I have read dozens of historical cookbooks, I have interviewed dozens of top chefs all over Europe and many experts in der vegetable field. I have worked with farmers, who showed me, which parts of plants happen to grow, if you let them grow. My own garden has become a lab, and also my kitchen.


Readers who are inspired can cook one of the 70 recipes from Pascal Haag, which all use special parts of vegetables or fruits. Checking the social media world, it seems, that a lot of readers cook these recipes and are really happy with them.


One of the most important elements in the book is, of course, the photos of Sylvan Müller, one of the most famous food photographers in Switzerland. The food pictures he has created in collaboration with stylist Natascha Sanwald. Oh yes: The beautiful graphic design comes from Stefan Haas.


You can buy the book in a lot of stores, and also directly at the publishers Webshop. So far only in german…




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